As things age, they begin showing signs and signals that often go overlooked. We often hold onto what we own until the last possible second. Unfortunately, this valiant effort can pose a production and safety risk when it comes to our heavy equipment. Here we discuss four warning signs it’s time to replace your old tractor so you can avoid an accident and maintain your land’s demands.

You Hear Knocking Around Your Engine

Engines commonly experience the dreaded knock. And when this occurs, it’s typically the warning sign that you should replace the product. Repairs may suffice in rare cases, but engine knocks in a tractor almost always indicate it’s time to replace the whole machine. This is typically because the cost to repair can bring more stress or damage than the cost to simply replace. In fact, most farmers would agree that if the engine starts knocking, it’s time to go shopping.

Repeated Software Failures Occur

Software updates and overhauls are one thing, but repeated failures are another. And when this starts happening, don’t waste any time trying to find a solution. While software failure may not pose a safety concern, it can put production and overall operations in jeopardy. Therefore, you should begin tractor shopping when your software has failed you consistently over the course of a few months. Plus, tractor software quality improves year after year, so go ahead and invest in something new.

You’re Looking To Expand Production Efforts

If your tractor is old and you’re looking to expand your production and operation efforts, this can also be a warning sign it’s time to replace your old tractor. You will want something capable of keeping up with new demands and challenges, and this often means newer, more advanced equipment. If the investment is intimidating initially, consider the reward when you finish the expansion and production has doubled or tripled.

Your Tractor Is Just Old

A more obvious warning sign that many overlook is the tractor’s age itself. Sometimes, a tractor can run okay without engine knocks or software failures. But if it’s old, you might notice a lack of output or a gap in production. So give yourself permission to use your tractor’s old age as the perfect reason to consider an upgrade.

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