Join the BRIM Team

We are on a mission to build a team of the best equipment experts in the industry.


Do you have a sense of ownership in the work you are doing and genuinely care about your coworker, the customer, and the company?


Do you get along well with others, have a positive attitude, and look for ways you can contribute to the team?


Do you have an open mind and a desire to learn, grow, and become an expert in your field?

When you join the team at BRIM you’re signing up to be a resource for land owners, farmers, and construction companies.

Everyone who walks into a BRIM store has something they need to get done. To get those projects done they need a piece of equipment, parts, or service on equipment they own.

The problem is, for our customers, these projects are more than just getting a task done, it is supporting a way of life. Whether it is a farmer in a field, an equipment operator on a construction job, or a landowner grading her driveway, they depend on us to help them maintain their lifestyle.

BRIM exists because when people are empowered to complete their projects, they will live a more satisfying and fulfilled life.

We are looking to grow our team with people who believe in that mission and want to be a part of it.