Conestoga CM-25 Ground Driven Compact Manure Spreader

Conestoga CM-25 Ground Driven Compact Manure Spreader

Ideal for 1-5 Horses – Tow with ATV, UTV, or Compact Tractor

The CM-25 is a small ATV manure spreader from Conestoga Manufacturing. This is our smallest manure spreader and it is powered by a ground drive, no PTO is required. You can haul this spreader with an ATV, UTV, lawn & garden tractor, or compact tractor. We design and build every manure spreader to meet the needs of our customers. Made in America, these spreaders are tough and durable and will last you through the years of regular use.

All of our manure spreaders feature stainless steel apron chains ensuring that they will not rust through. Our spreaders also feature poly-vinyl floorboards that come with a lifetime guarantee against rot. We know that you need the best machines to get your work done and our spreaders are here to help you do just that.

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The smaller, CM-25 ATV manure spreader from Conestoga is designed for daily use and smaller loads. We designed this manure spreader to be strong and durable. We used stainless steel to construct the T-rod apron chain and cross slats and we used welded Cor-ten copper bearing steel for the box construction making it 4x stronger than carbon steel and more resistant to atmosphere corrosion.

The beater features a 12 rooster comb paddles that are bolted on for easy replacement when natural wear does occur. It is all-wheel drive to ensure that you continue spreading even when turning. This ATV manure spreader was built with you in mind.


  • Heaped Capacity: 26 cubic feet
  • Overall Length: 120 inches
  • Overall Width: 47 inches
  • Loading Height: 30 inches
  • Flared Width: 35 inches
  • Box Width: 28 inches
  • Box Length: 78 inches
  • Box Construction: Fully Welded, 12 Gauge COR-TEN Steel
  • Floor Construction: High Density Poly-Vinyl (Tongue & Groove)
  • Beater Paddles: 12 Rooster Comb (Replaceable with 60 cutting teeth)
  • Beater Diameter: 18 inches
  • Drive: 2 Wheel Drive
  • Apron Chain: 3/8″ Stainless Steel T-Rod
  • Apron Drive: 4-Speed Ratchet Drive
  • Spindle: 1 3/8″
  • Tires: 6-12 Traction
  • Shipping Weight: 565 pounds
  • Wheels: 12×6-4 Bolt

CM-25 Ground Driven Compact Manure Spreader


12 Replaceable Rooster Comb Paddles

12 Bolted Paddles with a large diameter are made of 3/16″ quality steel for an excellent spreading pattern. The bolt-on style allows for easy replacement and is a feature not offered by many other spreader manufacturers.

The top beater bar comes standard on the CM-25 ATV manure spreader and ensures maximum shredding of your manure.

Polyvinyl Flooring

The floor of the ground drive manure spreader is built with Polyvinyl flooring with a lifetime guarantee. This flooring allows for better flow and an easy cleanup. They will not rust or rot.

All Wheel Drive

Our uniquely designed ratchet clutch drive system makes spreading easy. Whether you are spreading straw bedding, shavings, or even a load mixed with hay- the CM-25 ground driven manure spreader will unload smoothly with NO WHEEL DRAG OR SLIPPING.

Adjustable Web-Speed

Choose from four spreading speeds with an adjustable web speed lever. The easy-to-use lever allows you to adjust spreading thickness from a light dusting to a heavy coating.

Stainless Steel Apron Chain

The main apron chain is a common area for some ground driven manure spreaders to have problems. If an apron chain isn’t stainless steel you can count on them failing within 7-10 years of purchase. Conestoga’s Stainless Steel Apron Chains will literally never rust through. Our apron chains will keep your spreader running well and out of the repair shop.

Box Construction

The box of our ground driven manure spreader is built from long-lasting 12-gauge COR-TEN steel for extra corrosion resistance.


  • Fine Spread Pan
  • Dolly Wheel Jack
  • Raptor Liner
  • Manual End Gate
Starting At $5,900
Cash Price** w/ Gear Transmission
Make Conestoga
Model CM-25 GD
Condition New
Year 2023
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