Diamond Mowers EX Drum Mulcher DC PRO X

Diamond Mowers™ Excavator Attachment EX Drum mulcher DC PRO X

Two Size Options

With two size options, you can be sure your mulcher is matched perfectly to your excavator.

The EX Drum Mulcher DC Pro X was engineered to maximize cut width relative to weight. Whether you’re a landowner or a full-time mulching pro, add this versatile attachment to your arsenal to optimize productivity, diversify work opportunities or create new revenue streams.

The Excavator Drum Mulcher DC (Depth Control) increases the versatility of any midi excavator and maximizes cut width relative to weight for more productivity per pass


The DC Pro X is ideal for tackling mulching or brush clearing with power and precision.

  • Maintaining agricultural property
  • Converting land for agricultural use
  • Land clearing for development
  • Mitigate the spread of invasive species
  • Habitat restoration and maintenance
  • Seismic exploration


This helps prevent fires from starting and decreases the intensity and spread if a fire does occur.

  • Create defensible space
  • Limb low-hanging limbs to remove ladder fuels
  • Widen fire breaks
  • After-burn restoration


Essential to municipal and roadside maintenance, which requires contractors to process varying types of vegetation.

  • Right of way clearing
  • Fire prevention
  • Utility line land clearing
  • Waterway clearing and maintenance

EX Drum mulcher DC PRO X 30

Hydraulics: Hydraulic Flow 12-40 GPM

Dimensions: Dimensions Excavator Size: 4.5 – 10 MT | 5” cut capacity

Weights: Weight 800 lbs

EX Drum mulcher DC PRO X 50

Hydraulics: Hydraulic Flow 12-40 GPM

Dimensions: Dimensions Excavator Size: 7 – 10 MT | 8” cut capacity

Weights: Weight 1050 lbs

Make Diamond Mowers
Model EX Drum mulcher DC PRO X
Condition New
Year 2023
Listing Type For Sale