Earth&Turf Multispread 220 Top Dresser

The MultiSpread™ 220 is one of our larger compost top dressing spreaders. The 220 is a two-wheel drive, pull-type topdresser that uses a widespread beater. The 220 is designed to carry 15 cu. ft. of sand, the Light-Material Sides™ increase that capacity to 1 cu. yd.

The Model 220 spreads wet and dry material up to 60 inches wide, depending on the type of material being applied.

The MultiSpread 220™ is available with a two-wheel ground-drive system or a hydraulic drive system. One thing that makes this compost top dressing spreader impressive is its “widespread beater” system. It can spread wet or dry material and depending on what you’re spreading, it can spread up to 60 in.

The overall width is only 45-inches so it can fit through gates, around trees and shrubs, and narrow areas while spreading material up to 60-inches.

Ground Drive System:

Dual wheel ground drive system runs belt and beaters off wheel speed, allowing consistent spread at various speeds.

Widespread Beater:

Our patented “Widespread Beater” is designed to spread a variety of wet or dry materials up to 60″ wide.

Adjustable Lever:

The engagement lever is adjustable to facilitate ease of use by the operator.


A 23-inch-wide PVC belt delivers material evenly and smoothly to the “widespread beater.”

Adjustable Belt:

The belt is easily adjustable by loosening four nuts on the conveyor roller slide on each side and then adjusted by using a single bolt and nut system on each side.

Adjustable Tongue:

The tongue has five adjustment holes to accommodate a variety of towing vehicles. The hitch pivots to ensure the unit follows the contour of the turf.

Rear Shroud:

The rear shroud is adjustable in four different positions to adjust material spread for varying conditions*

(Adjustable wing kit option available to control spread width)

Make Earth and Turf
Model MS220
Condition New
Year 2023
Listing Type For Sale