Krone Single Rotor Rake Swadro 42 T

Krone Single Rotor Rakes Swadro 42 T

Single rotor rakes

Standard tandem axle and flotation tires. Stepless work width control for a consistently high-quality forage. The jockey wheel in the middle guides the rotor in undulating fields. Wide working width. Low power input. Parallel-linkage controlled drawbar. Standard tandem axle and 18″ tires. Swadro 38 T and 42 T not available in Germany.

Features may include:

Heavy-duty and maintenance-free

  • Maintenance-free rotors and rotor gearboxes
  • Hard-wearing DuraMax cam tracks with a three-year warranty
  • Rotors featuring the KRONE Jet Effect to avoid crop contamination on headlands

The running gear

  • Great stability and excellent tracking
  • Cleanest rakes as the bogie wheels run in vicinity of the tines
  • Straightforward angle adjustment
  • Castering wheels are standard at the front and an option at the rear to protect the sward

The tine arms

  • Stable running and tidy windrowing
  • Large-diameter and thick-walled tine arms ensure absolutely dependable operation
  • Easy and fast tine arm attachment and removal
  • Sturdy foldback mechanism

Single rotor rakes – Swadro 38 T | 42 T | 46 T

  • Wide working width
  • Low power input
  • Parallel-linkage controlled drawbar
  • Standard tandem axle and 18″ tires

Tandem axle: The tandem axle runs on 18″ Super Balloon flotation tires. Raking up every stem and offering a crank handle that controls the rake’s lateral tilt, the machine ensures effective raking even in heavy crops.

Low power input: It is not pto power that limits the output of a single rotor rake but the risk of too little load on the tractor’s front axle as the machine is being lifted out of work. The answer to this problem is Swadro 38 T, 42 T and 46 T. These trailed models were designed for small and light tractors and applications in sloping fields. They stand out for low tractor power input and are coupled to a rigid drawbar or with a floating drawbar – quick and easy.

Narrow transport width: The side arms on Swadro 46 T fold up easily to provide a compact transport unit and safe travel.


Swadro 35 | 38 | 42 | 46

Swadro 38 T | 42 T | 46 T

Make Krone
Model Swadro42T
Condition New
Year 2023
Listing Type For Sale