McHALE 991 LBER Single Dispenser Linkage Wrapper

McHALE 991 LBER Single Dispenser Linkage Wrapper (Trailer, Remote, 5’Arm)

McHale’s round bale wrapper range has been designed with the demands of today’s farmer and contractor in mind. This common-sense approach to design ensures that each machine’s operation is kept simple and user friendly.

Farmers and contractors all over the world are under pressure to reduce costs and increase output. To help with this, McHale concentrate on features like the patented hydraulic ground supported bale damper system, patented high-speed transfer system, patented tip rollers, hydraulically operated cut & hold system, 750mm dispensers and high specification components.

These features ensure long working life, reliability and a machine rugged enough to handle the toughest crops, heaviest bales and roughest ground conditions.

The McHale 991 L range of linkage round bale wrappers is the first choice for farmers and contractors who are interested in wrapping bales at the storage site. The 991 L range offers the perfect blend of tried and tested technology with solid construction and reliable performance. There are three models in the 991 linkage round bale wrapper range.

The 991 LBER is fully automatic and can be controlled via the control console. The control console on the 991 LBER enables the operator to change the round bale wrapper settings and select the desired number of film layers. When set, one touch of the auto start button operates the complete cycle from start to finish. The wrapper applies the pre-set number of layers, then stops and tips the bale automatically.

Ground Supported Damper System

The patented bale damper system gently lowers the bale to the ground while eliminating any stress on the chassis of the machine.

Lift Arms & Wrapping Table

The 991 BC and BJS arms are operated manually. On the 991 BE and High-Speed, the auto lift function places the bale on the wrapping table automatically.

Extra Film Storage with Easy Handling

The 991 L range can carry 3 rolls of film: 1 roll (dispenser) + 2 rolls (film storage)

Optional Side Tip

An optional side tip is available on all trailed machines to place bales on their ends after wrapping is complete.

Cut & Hold System

At the end of the wrapping cycle, the hydraulically operated cut & hold system cuts and holds the film in position ready to wrap the next bale.

Automatic Film Break Sensors

Automatic film break sensors monitor the plastic as it leaves the dispenser rollers. If plastic breaks or runs out, the machine will notify the operator via the control console.

Easy Load Dispensers

The McHale lock and load system makes film loading quick and easy by locking the dispenser bobbin up when unloading and locking it back down by simply pulling the cable.

Shear Bolt Unit

A Shear Bolt protects the gearbox when wrapping poorly shaped bales. All machines are now driven by a heavier gearbox than previous models.

Expert Control Console

The Expert electronic control console automates the wrapping process. When the auto start lift arm paddle is activated, the bale is lifted up to the wrapping table, wrapped and tipped, ready to start the process again.

Radio Remote Control Kit for Static Wrapping

With a radio remote control kit, an operator can load a bale and activate the automatic cycle remotely.

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Year 2023
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