New Holland Seeding Equipment

New Holland Seeding equipment builds off the innovations of Flexi-Coil® which revolutionized air seed drilling. Working with the Flexi-Coil® P-Series Air Cart, New Holland’s Air Hoe and Air Disc drills offer:

  • CONSISTENT SEEDING ACCURACY – Hills, terraces and gullies pose no problem since New Holland air drills feature a flexible frame design that follows field contours for precise seed placement.
  • SIMPLE DEPTH CONTROL – It’s easy to set exact, repeatable seed depth in every field, eliminating the fading, leaking and phasing problems associated with other designs.
  • MORE ACRES PER DAY – P2000 Series air disc drills are designed to operate at higher ground speeds of 7 to 8 mph (11.2 to 12.9 kph) to cover more acres per day.

BRIM Tractor is proud to sell New Holland’s Seeding Equipment at their dealerships throughout Washington and Oregon. For all your seeding needs, call or request a quote today.

New Holland P4680 Air Cart with a sunset behind it.
New Holland P2060 being pulled through a field by a New Holland Tractor.
New Holland P2080 being pulled by a New Holland tractor and a air cart attached to it.