Cruise through the job site with our Wheel Loaders

Speedily move and carry dirt, gravel, sand, and more with our New Holland and JCB Wheel Loaders. This tool will help you transport raw materials, place loads onto other vehicles, clearing rubble, remove snow, and more! Wheel Loaders excel at moving material from point A to point B, quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on getting your project done.

At BRIM we’ve sold and serviced Wheel Loaders for over 55 years and served every type of business that uses Wheel Loaders. Call or come into one of our dealerships in Oregon and Washington today to learn more about how a Wheel Loader can help you and your business.

JCB TM220 Agri

JCB TM220 Agri

Stock# JCB TM220 Agri