The Best Mower for 4 Acres

I currently have .23 acres of vast suburban lawn to mow. I mow the front yard one week and the the back the next, filling my yard waste tote each time. My electric push mower hums along… until it chokes on the too tall grass. There has been many Saturdays where I’ve thought to myself, “I wish I could justify a riding lawn mower.” My maternal grandfather had a riding lawn mower and even less lawn to mow then I do, but he was a Diesel mechanic and for all I know he probably built the thing himself. I remember riding with him on it on hot summer days. He’d pretend to almost run into a tree and then steer away. He’d laugh at our panicked cries. At that time there weren’t Zero Turn Mowers and they certainly weren’t available to residential buyers, but Grandpa would have really been able to get us grandkids whipping around the yard with a 0-Turn. I’m kind of glad he didn’t have one actually.

Of course you’re not interested in my memories or measly lawn, you want to know what the best mower for 4 Acres is. Just one minute as I share another story.

In 2002 there was a need. Commercial Zero Turn lawn mowers were large, expensive machines used to mow golf courses, mansions, and parade grounds but there were people like you who had more than a fraction of acreage. At that time these rural residences had to choose between a large tractor and mower, the traditional riding mower, or the tried and true push mower to keep up with their lawn. Workable options for sure, but the reason Zero Turn Mowers were so popular with Commercial Landscapers were their speed, cutting width, comfort, and ability to turn on a dime to mow hard to reach places.

Enter Phil Pulley and Robert Foster*, who in their garage in Arkansas built a Zero Turn mower they described as…

A better mower at a better price

They took their better mower to the Lawn and Garden Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, and won Product of the Year**. Bad Boy Mowers was born and it brought the same power, speed, comfort, and cutting ability the pro’s used to the rural landowner and homeowners who wanted better. What was once an option only for businesses and commercial operations was now available to everyone and it changed the game.

The Best Mower for 4 Acres, really this time

History lessons out of the way, here’s my answer to the best mower for 4 acres. I actually have three options…

Best Mower for 4 Acres - The Bad Boy Maverick HD
Best Mower for 4 Acres – The Bad Boy Maverick HD

First the Bad Boy Maverick HD 60 – this model is where the Bad Boy mowers really set themselves apart from the competition. With a powerful Kawasaki Diesel Engine, the Maverick HD also is equipped with Hydro-Gear® drives and a premium suspension seat for all-day, every-day performance. Whether residential or commercial, the Bad Boy Maverick HD 60 will make mowing 4+ acres a comfortable breeze.

Best Mower for 4 Acres - The Bad Boy Rogue
Best Mower for 4 Acres – The Bad Boy Rogue

Next is the Bad Boy Rogue 72. This model sports a 72″ cutting width, commercial-grade dual hydraulic pumps, drive motors, and the patented EZ-Ride 3-link trailing suspension to make the Rogue line of Bad Boy Mowers some of the most powerful for large acreage mowing. Its heavy steel frame will provide you with years of service and durability.

Best Mower for 4 Acres - The Bad Boy Renegade
Best Mower for 4 Acres – The Bad Boy Renegade

Finally the Bad Boy Renegade. One of the most powerful models in Bad Boy Mowers line of powerful mowers, the Renegade is powered by a 1100cc’s of Perkins Diesel along with Dual 16cc Hydro-Gear Pumps, 18ci Parker Wheel Motors, 3-Link Rear Trailing Arm Suspension, and patented independent cast front I-Beam suspension rails earns the Renegade the affectionate name – THE BEAST. I think Grandpa would have liked this one.





Built in Batesville, Arkansas, Bad Boy Mowers are American made lawn mowers you can count on to mow .23-100 acres. Whether residential or commercial, Bad Boy Mowers has a bad boy that will meet your needs and let you Mow With Attitude. BRIM is proud to carry the Bad Boy line at their stores throughout the Pacific Northwest where our expert staff can help you find the right model. Call 1-866-699-2736 or come into one of our 12 dealerships throughout Washington and Oregon to get your Bad Boy today!