My good friend was the son of a farmer and they had a sprawling dairy farm. I would stay at his house and take part of the different chores he had to do – bucking hay, cleaning stalls, driving cows in or out of the barns, playing in the hay mow, riding around on the 4-wheeler through mud puddles, making improvised explos… err, you know regular farm stuff. His dad was your typical farmer; quiet, tough, hardworking, wise, and a surprising sense of humor.

He was always busy bringing in hay, spreading silage, cleaning the stalls, and the hundreds of other tasks a farmer needs to do around their farm, but he always looked the happiest on his tractor. He would get up early and head to bed late. Always thinking about the next task and how to do it. Having a machine he could rely on day after day after day was vital to the success of their farm. He needed something to quickly get from one end of the farm to the other, have the power to pull trailers of hay bales, and the lifting power to pull out the huge tree trunks they would clear to make way for new fields.

Sadly, he was a Massey Ferguson fan.

What’s the best Tractor for 20+ Acres Today?

I suspect he’d be hard to convince to give up his red tractors, but I think he’d find that the New Holland and Yanmar tractors at BRIM are just as tough, rugged, reliable, and powerful as the machines he’s relied on for years.

Tractors like the Boomer 45 or the Yanmar YM359 would be perfect for a large dairy farm like his. The New Holland Boomer 45, powered by a 45HP 3 Cylinder Diesel engine and a 16×16 Hydrostatic transmission can easily handle the heaviest hay loads across his hilly farmland. The three-point hitch lift capacity of up to 2,756 pounds or 2,371 pounds of loader lift capacity would take care of tough lifting jobs. With the ability to add a wide assortment of attachments, tasks around the farm would be so much easier with the Boomer 45.

Alternatively, he could choose the Yanmar YM359. Certainly more his color, the YM359 provides an incredibly reliable and powerful compact tractor to use on 20+ acres. The YM359 is equipped with a 59-horsepower engine and a maximum traveling speed of up to 17.7mph, to quickly zip from one acre to another. The lift capacity of the loader would have satisfied him too – with a 2500lb capacity. This versatile machine easily places in top 5 in the Best Tractors for 20+ Acres.

You can find these and other top models perfect for 20+ acres like the New Holland Boomer 50 & Boomer 55 or the Yanmar YT347, YT359, YM342, & YM347 at a BRIM Tractor dealership throughout Washington and Oregon.