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What if a hill with a 60° grade wasn’t a safety concern, but an opportunity? Green Climber’s Remote Controlled Mowers take what once was impossible and makes it possible.

With a range of 500′, the operator can guide the mower up and over terrain typically not safe for equipment with an operator inside. Green Climber mowers allow you to Mow Boldly. From the powerful LV800 which can handle 3 to 6 years of overgrowth and trees as large as 8″ to the LV300 great for mulching overgrown hillside grass, BRIM has the Green Climber mower you need.

With multiple attachments, your Green Climber can mulch, cut, and mow. Then in the winter, the snow-blower attachment makes the Green Climber a machine for all seasons.

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Green Climber's Extendable Track System provides additional stability.
60° Hill Slopes are easily handled by the Green Climber Remote Control Mowers.
The pitch is not limited to up and down, but side to side as well, with Green Climbers able to handle 60° transversal.

Green Climber LV300 Pro

If mulching and land clearing is your objective, the Green Climber LV300 PRO with tis 25HP Diesel engine is the machine for you. Capable of mulching heavy growth, tough grasses and brush including cattails and water reeds, the LV300pro will make quick work of it.

The LV300 PRO has the versatility of the F300 PRO with the attachment options of its larger cousin the LV600 PLUS.

Green Climber LV600 Pro

Perfect for grasses, brush and trees up to 6 inches, the 56HP Green Climber LV600 PLUS is the tool you need for your tough jobs including road maintenance, light forestry, and even fire breaks.

Its superior engineering is illustrated in the patented system that guarantees the lubrication of the motor on extreme slopes.

Green Climber LV800 Pro

Intended for Forestry and heavy vegetation applications, the LV800 with its 75HP is best used in areas with 3 to 6 years of overgrowth, and trees up to 8 inches.

The flail head is equipped with carbide teeth in two varieties – fixed and 360° rotation. 

This slope mower is enclosed in a forestry cage protecting its hydraulics and components from falling branches and debris. 

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