Diamond Mowers Forestry Disc Mulcher

Diamond Mowers™ Forestry Disc Mulcher


At Diamond Mowers, we build the best. Our heavy-duty equipment is the toughest, safest, and most reliable in the business.

Features may include:


  • Cuts up to 12″ (305mm) diameter trees or brush continuously


  • Mulches up to 6″ (152mm) diameter trees or brush continuously

Cut Width

  • Available in 36″ (914mm) and 48″ (1219mm) cutting widths

Flow Rate

  • 3,000 – 3,500 PSI

Mulching Disc

Ideal for large mulch and brush management applications.

  • Forestry disc acts like a flywheel to store energy
  • Energy used to cut and mulch comes from stored energy, not hydraulic power alone

Cut, Shred, and Mulch Material

Our Disc Mulcher comes equipped with FOUR-POINT HARDENED STEEL TEETH that like an axe to slice material.


  • The FOUR-POINT HARDENED STEEL TEETH can be easily sharpened to increase efficiency
  • Patented planer knives in the center of the disc eliminate any dead zone

Forestry Disc Mulcher 36″

Hydraulics: Hydraulic Flow 24-32 GPM


  • Dimensions Cuts 6″ / Mulches 4″ | excavator size: 6 – 14 MT
  • Cutting Width 36″

Weights: Weight Max head: 900 lbs

Forestry Disc Mulcher 48″

Hydraulics: Hydraulic Flow 30-58 GPM

Dimensions :

  • Dimensions Cuts 10″ / Mulches 6″ | excavator size: 13 – 27 MT
  • Cutting Width 36″

Weights: Weight Max head: 2225 lbs

Make Diamond Mowers
Model Forestry Disc Mulcher
Condition New
Year 2023
Listing Type For Sale