Diamond Mowers SK Brush Cutter Pro

Diamond Mowers™ SK Brush Cutter Pro

Ideally suited for maintaining farmland, ranches and recreational property, this new option delivers the same premium cutting performance and versatility as the Pro X in a lighter-weight model engineered specifically for medium-duty use and applications.

  • Available in a 72″ cutting width
  • Cuts up to 5″ diameter trees or brush
  • Standard flow or high-flow hydraulic machines

Features may include:


Maintaining large areas of grass and brush is easy with the Brush Cutter Pro. Delivering a continuous cut capacity of 3”, this versatile attachment packs all the power and performance needed to achieve manicured, aesthetically pleasing results.


Cutting back branches and brush is essential for getting to the source of invasive plant species infesting your property. Minimizing the spread of these tenacious intruders will prevent damage to the environment and preserve valuable land.


Not every landowner needs to tackle 10” trees. The Brush Cutter Pro is strategically engineered to efficiently and effectively slice through trees up to 5” in diameter for common land management needs.

Utility Meets Versatility

  • The ultimate “one-size-fits-all” tool for land management.

Ideally suited and engineered to make the most of your farmland, ranches, and recreational properties, this brush cutter attaches to any skid-steer or compact track loader and is specially designed to handle the most common vegetation management tasks that landowners face – all while enjoying the durability and versatility you have come to expect from Diamond.

4 Hydraulic Motor Options

  • Four options available for optimal flow compatibility.

Cut quality is largely determined by the blade’s speed. Blade speed, in turn, is determined by a combination of the motor size on the attachment and the carrier’s hydraulic flow. Many competitive bush cutters only offer two options, High Flow and Low Flow, which can result in mediocre performance on the fringes of the flow range.

Diamond offers four hydraulic motor options that cover a wide flow range, from 17 – 41 GPM, ensuring the cutting performance of the Brush Cutter Pro is matched perfectly to your skid steer or CTL.

Slice Through Grass and Brush

  • Effectively slice through grass, brush, branches and small trees up to 5” in diameter.

2 hardened steel blades 5/8″ (16mm) thick

Hydraulics: Hydraulic Flow 17-41 GPM

Dimensions: Cutting Width 72″

Weights: Weight 1,250 lbs

Make Diamond Mowers
Model SK Brush Cutter Pro
Condition New
Year 2023
Listing Type For Sale