Krone Big Pack 1290 Baler

Krone BiG Pack 1290 4X4 Large Square Baler

One step ahead – with a KRONE BiG Pack. Whether you are making heavier, rock-hard bales with the BiG Pack HDP II or tying up to nine small bales neatly into one big bale with the MultiBale system, you’ll always be ahead of the field, using first-time innovations you won’t find anywhere else.

  • HighSpeed: 20% higher throughputs while maintaining the same density
  • HDP: Higher bale density – up to 25% heavier bales than from the BiG Pack 1290
  • HDP II: Up to 70% higher throughput or up to 10% higher bale densities than from the HDP HighSpeed
  • Chamber sizes from 80 x 70 cm to 120 x 130 cm
  • VFS along with electronic baling pressure control for even bale densities
  • X-Cut and VariCut cutting systems and PreChop for short cutting lengths
  • Well-proven KRONE knotters for high-density and well-shaped bales
  • MultiBale system packs up to nine small bales in one single big pack
  • BaleCollect accumulator runs behind the baler collecting the finished bales as they leave the baler for greater harvest efficiencies and reduced field traffic

Models – BiG Pack 890 | 1270 | 1290 |


  • Fully integrated moisture sensor in the baling chamber
  • Fully integrated weighing system in the bale chute
  • Camera system for safe reversing
  • Extra twine boxes at the rear

For even greater convenience and effectiveness, choose from a number of options that add even more features to your machine, including moisture sensing and bale weighing systems that give accurate information on the job at hand, or LED work lights and reverse cameras for unobstructed vision and a clear all-round view.

Clear view to all sides: You can opt for a reverse-drive CCTV system that comprises a camera and a color screen which has a second port for a second camera. The camera can also connect to the CCI terminal.

Hitch for quiet running: Farmers in different countries use different attachment systems: A top- and bottom-mount drawbar is a standard feature on all BiG Packs. A ball- or ring-hitch drawbar is an option for all BiG Packs. Choose between the ball hitch and ring hitch for use with the pivoting drawbar.

As a standard specification, the BiG Pack 1270, 1290 and 1290 HDP can have a pneumatic knotter cleaning system which can be boosted with a mechanical constant flow fan. The continuous air flow keeps the knotters free from debris before it has a chance to accumulate.

Precise weight: Would you like to keep track of whether the bale weight is meeting your customers’ needs? Then the optional bale chute with integrated weighing system is just the right technology for you. The terminal displays not just the weight of every single bale but also the total weight of the finished baling job.

Clear crop quality display: The optional moisture sensor updates the operator on the current crop condition, displaying the information on the monitor in the cab. The information is read out on a cab-based monitor. An alarm is issued automatically whenever a preset parameter is exceeded.

Data and order management with CCI.Control Mobile: machine, fleet management and navigation data can be recorded on this iPad app.

BiG Data Tools is KRONE’s easy-to-use, free analysis software. It displays machine data recorded via CCI.Control Mobile in the form of a bale map.

Smooth start: All KRONE big balers feature a hydraulic start assist system. A hydromotor gets the flywheel up to speed before the tractor pto is engaged – all operated conveniently via the terminal in the cab, naturally.

More twine on board: To supplement the main twine boxes, two extra twine boxes can be mounted at the rear of the machine, Allowing you to securely carry either 12 balls of twine or 10 balls of twine and one toolbox (not available in combination with the BaleCollect).

Turn night into day: The three optional LED work lights illuminate the area behind the baler and the pick-up at the front. Simply connect the lights to the existing harness and switch them from the terminal. Enjoy optimum visibility during those night shifts.

Make Krone
Model BigPack 1290
Condition New
Year 2023
Listing Type For Sale