New Holland Powerstar 75 Utility Tractor

New Holland Powerstar 75 Utility Tractor


Whether you choose a PowerStar™ model with a spacious, flat-deck ROPS platform or factory-installed, all-weather VisionView™ cab, you get best-in-class visibility, comfort and ergonomics make sure you can operate with ease. When you take your seat, there is no doubt that PowerStar™ tractors were designed with the operator in mind.


Whether you choose the VisionView cab or ROPS platform, the New Holland exclusive Command Arc console places controls along an arch to match your natural arm movements to increase your productivity and reduce fatigue. Never again will you feel like a contortionist in your own tractor. Detailed designs like these increase your operating productivity and reduce fatigue.


While the cabs on other utility tractors can be cramped, with little storage space or room to move, the optional ultra-quiet PowerStar cab takes operating comfort and ease to a new level. A wide threshold and two wide doors allow for easy access from either side. Take your seat and you’ll appreciate the spacious dimensions of your office on wheels. The flat platform provides ample legroom and you also have plenty of shoulder and head room. The standard air-ride seat swivels to the right to conveniently access all rear implements. A spring loaded, large, comfortable cloth cushioned instructor seat is also a factory-installed option.


Large panels of glass with thin, smartly placed support pillars give you outstanding 360-degree visibility. You don’t need to lean forward to see your loader thanks to the curved arc of the top of the windshield and optional high-visibility roof panel that gives you a perfect view of the loader raised to full height. Night visibility is great too, so you can work productively at any hour. A full range of work lights are standard and can be angled to suit the application. Cab models feature eight lights total, while ROPS models feature five.


The steering wheel tilts for optimum fit to each customer size. The instrument cluster is actually mounted on the steering column, tilting along with the steering wheel so you always have an easy view to the information you need.


The PowerStar™ temperature control system simply can’t be beat. The high-performance heating and air conditioning system includes two fans and 10 vents that provide air flow to both upper and lower portion of the cab.. Two vents are dedicated to warm or cool your feet.


Powerstar tractor design puts the controls where the operator needs them. The use of virtual reality and customer profile make operator fatigue virtually non-existent in the daily chores.


We know the “extras” mean everything to you. That’s why New Holland makes a Bluetooth™radio standard in every cab unit.


Add the optional baler bar with fully adjustable position settings to place bale monitors and control boxes in the natural line of sight for improved safety. It’s the perfect choice for your haying operations.

Front Loader

Curved loader arms and shorter mounting bracket make nearly every loader movement within your sight. Now that makes sense! An optional high visibility panel is available in the cab to allow optimal sight of the loader when in the raised position. The conveniently located joystick control makes loader operation second nature. Optional mechanical self leveling keeps the bucket level through the loader’s entire lift range to reduce spilling and make operation more simple for you. The skid-steer-style or euro-style quick-attach coupling systems allow you to change attachments fast – a bucket now, a bale spear next, and pallet forks after that.


PowerStar™ tractors now have more power than ever, boasting a 207 cubic-inch, 3.4 liter engine producing 65 to 100 PTO horsepower. Coupled with four-cylinders and turbo charged, these Tier4 diesel engines rise to the challenging conditions with smooth lugging power. Since these engines meet emissions regulations without requiring regeneration, you get the non-stop power you need for field PTO (power take off) work, tough roadside mowing or heavy loader work all day long.


Name the task, and PowerStar™ Series tractors have the hydraulic capacity to tackle it with 22 gpm or 26.6 gpm depending on model.


New Holland offers a simple selection of transmission choices that are designed to suit your operational needs.
• 12 x 12 hydraulic power shuttle transmission provides three ranges with four synchronized gears in each range.
• Regardless of transmission choice a left-handed shuttle is included.

Front Axle

PowerStar™ tractors adapt to a wide variety of applications are are available with your choice of 2WD or 4WD axle (4WD only on the PowerStar 75). A heavy duty, electronically engaged 4 wheel drive front axle is available on the four largest PowerStar™ models (PowerStar™ 90/100/110/120) to provide an impressive in-action capacity of 10,361 lbs. at 4-mph for demanding applications such as heavy loader work.


PowerStar™ tractors make it easy to keep up with maintenance duties with convenient, ground-level service points and maintenance-free emissions systems. All PowerStar models benefit from New Holland’s industry-leading 600-hour oil service intervals.

Finance Price $69,900
Cash Price
Cash Discount $10,000
Make New Holland Agriculture
Model Powerstar 75
Condition New
Engine 75 hp / 65 PTO hp
Listing Type For Sale