Chasing the Sun

New Holland T4.90 pushing two carts holding apples between rows of apple trees.


Every summer growing up we would pack up an RV, the seven of us cramming in to our new home on wheels, and then start a two-week trek eastward. In Sedro-Woolley we would meet up with two other families, all packed in their own RVs or campers to convoy across the Cascades into East Washington.

Over one of the passes we would go into dry Eastern Washington, with no plans or reservations. We would drive until the moms started to get anxious about making dinner and then pull into a campground like Loup Loup, Lincoln Rock, Twisp, or Vantage. We would stay a day or two and then move deeper into the Eastern Washington where we would visit the Whitman Mission, Ranald McDonald’s Grave, two-headed calves, and every dam we came across.

There the grass covered hills rolled off far into the distance, the land seemed older and more rugged, and the the huge fields and orchards sprawled out under the hot summer sun. We would always stop at one of the road side produce stands, brimming with every variety of apple, peaches, nectarines, and more fresh fruit. While the the others would marvel at the bountiful fruits, my eyes would also be brought to the tight, long rows of trees. There was something magical about the mix of designed and natural that is unique to orchards. Like running through a maze, my mind would race between the rows, lost in the mingled light and shade under the leaves.


Even now, when I visit my family in the Willamette Valley I take time to allow my mind to roam through the vineyards that surround the small and big towns. Now older, I know these magical places don’t happen by accident and that the men and women who create and maintain the Orchards and Vineyards of Washington and Oregon needed specialized equipment to tend to their crops.

Best of Specialized

New Holland has consistently been one of the top manufacturers of Specialized Tractors for Vineyards and Orchards, but don’t take my word for it. In 2023, Tractor of the Year, an award established in 1998 by the Italian magazine Trattori, where accolades are bestowed upon the top-performing tractor as determined by a group of 25 independent journalists with specialized knowledge in the field, awarded the New Holland T4.120 F as the best of specialized tractors saying,

New Holland T4.80v mowing a vineyard.

All the components required for Stage V approval are under the bonnet and do not affect the size of the tractor or visibility. The design concept comes directly from higher ranges of New Holland among the most interesting features we can find; a standard flat deck cabin, Front suspended axle; Lowest noise level in the cab of the segment; VIS Screen from higher ranges of New Holland; Updated Hydraulics Specs offering Power Beyond connection and HER. Electric architecture ready to transpose Telematics, Advanced Features and auto guidance. (Tractor of the

In fact since 2000, New Holland has been awarded Best of Specialized award 7 times by this organization. More than any other manufacturer New Holland has shown its mastery in this space with models like the TNV, TNF 95, T4.110 F, and T4.120 F. At BRIM Tractor we are proud to serve the Orchards and Vineyards of the Pacific Northwest connecting them with award winning machines like the New Holland T4 F/V. If you’re in these industries you owe it to yourself to learn more about the manufacturer that has been consistently awarded Best of Specialized year after year and come into one of our dealerships through Oregon and Washington. And if you want to bring a basket of apples or grapes…