Woodlands are important natural environments; they are home to unique wildlife and offer a variety of natural resources. Managing woodlands requires specialized equipment that can handle various tasks such as thinning and pruning, felling trees, and chipping and mulching. Here is an overview of essential forestry equipment and tools ideal for woodland management.


Tractors are useful for a variety of activities in woodland management. For example, operators can transport felled trees and other materials out of the woods, as well as assist in relocating heavy equipment such as log splitters. Compact tractors can also enable you mow brush and grass around trails and roads.


Harvesters are specialized machines for felling trees and cutting branches. They are generally equipped with a boom arm and chainsaw attachment, as well as other features such as winches and grapple saws. Harvesters are particularly useful for removing dead and dying trees because operators can maneuver them more precisely than a tractor to target specific areas of a forest.

Log Splitters

Log splitters are essential for transforming felled trees into usable firewood and lumber. They function on hydraulic or electric power to drive a wedge through the log, splitting it into smaller pieces. You can use log splitters in and out of the woods, making them great for using timber resources on your property.

Chippers and Mulchers

Chippers and mulchers turn branches and other wood debris into small chips or mulch. These essential pieces of forestry equipment can help you manage woodlands and clean up the land.

Chippers and mulchers assist in removing branches and brush from trails and roads and creating compost for agricultural purposes. You can even use the wood chips as bedding material in animal pens.

Whether you need to thin a stand of trees or clear a trail, having the right forestry equipment is essential for managing your woodlands. Brim Tractor is a reputable tractor dealer in Oregon that specializes in forestry-ready machines, so you can find the perfect tool for your woodland management tasks. Browse our inventory today!