2022 McHALE F5500 Chopper Baler

2022 McHALE F5500 Chopper Baler

The F5000 range of balers brings baling to a new level with features like progressive greasing and oiling, our drop floor unblocking system which combined with our high specification components, ensures long life, reliability and a machine that is rugged enough to handle the toughest of crops and ground conditions.

Heavy-Duty Pick-Up

The specifically designed McHale pick-up is positioned close to the rotor to improve delivery of the crop through the rotor to the bale chamber. Large diameter lateral feed augers help direct crop to the bale chamber ensuring a consistent and even crop flow for producing high density bales.

Adaptive Intake

Over the course of a baling season, machines have to work with different volumes of crop. McHale has designed an adaptive intake which allows the intake area to automatically adjust for light and heavy crops to facilitate a smooth crop flow into the camber.

Split Drive GearBox

A 540rpm Split Drive Gearbox is fitted to all machines in the McHale Fixed Chamber Range as standard. The gearbox design ensures that power is evenly distributed to both sides of the machine.


The star shaped, twin finger feed rotor ensures a high-capacity flow of crop into the bale chamber.

Chopper Unit

To ensure a consistent and even chop quality, two chopping options have been developed for the McHale fixed chamber machines.

Selectable Knife Systems

All McHale F5500 machines have the option to be fitted with a selectable knife system. Various knife configurations can be chosen depending on the knife bank specification.

  • 15 Knife Bank
  • 25 Knife Bank

Bale Chamber

The bale chamber on the McHale F5500 is comprised of an 18 roller bale chamber, It has a diameter of 4′ ½” X 4′ 1¼ and is formed from heavy duty rollers.

Oiling & Greasing

The McHale fixed chamber range of balers are all fitted with continuous oiling system. Once the PTO is engaged, the continuous oiling system constantly lubricates the chains to ensure a long lifetime. A lube alarm sounds after 300 bales to inform the operator to refill the oil tank.

Vario Stretch Net System

A high performance netter has been designed and developed for the F5000 range. The net tension can be simply adjusted on a variable pulley on the right hand side of the machine.

Net Loading & Storage

Net loading has been optimized on the F5000 baler range by the simple yet very effective rock and roll net loading system.

Wizard Plus Control Console

The F5500 is equipped with the Wizard Plus Control Box. This contains a large graphic display which allows the operator to control machine features such as drop floor and knife position.

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Make McHale
Model F5500
Condition New
Year 2022
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