Why buy a UTV?

We called it “The Hill” and the Canadians called it “The Asphalt”, regardless it was a steep road going up the hill that separated camp from the water and gather places at the bottom from the cabins and bathrooms at the top of the hill. All summer long, as staff members we would walk up and down that hill dozens of times a day. Forget something in the cabin? Up the hill. Time for breakfast? Down the hill. Basketball? Up. Water skiing? Down. Where’s your camper? Up and down.

It got to be where we hardly noticed the walk any more. By the second week of summer camps, the new batch of campers would complain but we’d just trudge up the hill like it was nothing. The Hill was just part of the job, built character, and it wasn’t worth complaining about… at least that is what the leadership staff told us… as they drove up the Hill in a UTV.

Now there were rules to the UTV that controlled how leadership was allowed to use the UTV while the rest of just had to watch them zoom past. The UTV could only be used for official business like dropping off your favorite girl counselor at their cabin at the end of the day or it was for carrying important things like your skit props and not the water jug us plebs had to haul to the big field. And most importantly, you had to look cool driving it… and that just wasn’t us. I’m not bitter.

Of course there are better reasons to buying a UTV than showing off to highschoolers – that’s just a bonus. A good Side by side can do a lot for you out on the farm, out on your property, while hunting, or even at the worksite. American Landmaster has been making UTV’s since 2005, bending miles of steel pipe from their plant in Columbia City, Indiana* with an emphasis on American Made and their three pillars – People, Commitment, and Caring. American Landmaster has been driven to innovate and improve, creating models like the Landmaster EV Trail 4X4, and electric UTV perfect for…


Why buy a UTV? - Hunting, Fishing, and Field Work
Why buy a UTV? – Hunting, Fishing, and Field Work

Hunting, Fishing, or Field Work

The EV Trail 4×4 can reach 30MPH, has an impressive capacities of hauling up to 900LBSs and towing up to 1,200LBS, and with the L-ROSS (Landmaster Ride Optimization Suspensions System), you’ll barely notice everything you run over. Being an electric UTV doesn’t limit the EV Trail 4×4 either; a winch, lights, sounds, music, and plows can all be added without concern for overloading the battery system. The EV Trail 4×4 offers you a quiet and smooth ride in addition to great carrying capacity on a hunt or around skittish livestock. UTVs are very useful in these types of situations as they can go into and reach places larger vehicles can’t, but then their size easily fits a trailer for when you need to take it on the road. While at a…


Something like the Landmaster L7X Crew will allow you to quickly move people and their tools from one end of the farm or worksite quickly and easily. Reaching speeds of 35MPH and equipped with power steering and an industry leading 12ft turning radius, means the LX7 Crew can take you and your crew into spaces trucks or vans can’t go and its ruggedness means you can travel off-road with on-demand 4×4. A UTV ensure the people and tools you need are at hand, regardless of the terrain, which also makes UTV great at…

Riding the Trails

Why buy a UTV? - Riding the Trails
Why buy a UTV? – Riding the Trails

Perhaps you have property, with trials cut between the pines or your own version of the Hill you need to transport people and things up and down. The American Landmaster L3 is a great solution with its 277CC Kohler Gas Engine, 1,100LBS Tow Capacity, 400LBS Bed Capacity, dump-able bed, and under seat storage for someone who wants cruise their property. Ultimately though the greatest reason to buy a UTV is…


Move, tow, carry, patrol, hunt, cruise, and more with all the American Landmaster UTVs at BRIM. Whatever your use case our staff can help you find the right machine to fit your need – even if that need is to driving your UTV for a home cooked meal while everyone else eats camp food. Again, not bitter. Whatever utility you need out of a UTV your BRIM Tractor Dealer is there to get you the right machine along with service and parts so you can do whatever you need to do for years to come. Call 1-866-699-2736 or come into one of our Dealerships in Washington or Oregon to find out for yourself why you should buy a UTV.